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Tonia Witt Photo

Tonia Witt
Mount Sterling Mount Sterling, KY 40353
  • p: (859) 585-6790

My Story

Photography came to me when I least expected it to – it was like walking right into a glass door, you can see through it but something is holding you back. It fit me, my personality, my strengths. It had me constantly thinking, changing, growing and it makes me feel alive to know that tomorrow will never be the same as today. I firmly believe each person was created to use their specific abilities and passions to bless others, no matter what industry they dive into, I am certain that in this season of life this is mine. I went after it full steam, no questions asked, not a shred of a doubt, well maybe a little. But it feeds and inspires me. I will never not be a photographer.

I’m really looking to work with people who want to create as much as I do. It’s a two way street….not just hire and expect. I will always stay true to my style. I’m drawn to people with an edge, people want something interesting and beautiful. I’m about quality, not quantity. I want to get to know you. You’re not a number or just a photo package. I’m not about filling up my calendar with “shoots” but creating and having a good time. I am about the experience. This is about stories, it’s not just about pictures but 'capturing memories one shot at a time'.


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